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Hello all, in recent tragic events, a 22 year old black man by the name of Darrien Hunt was tragically executed by police while carrying a toy katana as he was cosplaying as Mugen from Samurai Champloo. In a serious note, it is hard enough to be black in America and to be shot while cosplaying, a past time that most of us do to escape this wretched life, is a heinous event. This and also, the events in Ferguson, has been a trying time for black people, but one phrase needs to be remembered:  We are a part of strong, resilient race.

Even though this is a trying time for us, we should never forget what makes us happy and for this blog it’s fandom. It’s being a geek. And to read news that a harmless black man was wrongly executed by police for being both black and an nerd is truly the most heartbreaking thing. So me and all the mods at Black Fangirls Unite want to start an event called To be Black, Proud, and Nerdy in memory of Darrien and those who have lost their lives to police brutality. This event is to uplift us and to remind outselves that even in the darkest moments, we are still black nerds who try to escape and put on a brave face for the world to see us. 

This calls for submissions, asks, and stories how you are so proud to be a black nerd. It doesn’t matter how long or short it has to be; it’s your story and it should be heard.

Submissions are open.

To learn more about Darrien’s tragedy, we have provided links below.


Rest in Power, Darrien.




So I went to see The Boxtrolls today having been very excited about all of the publicity, the general theme of the film, and all of the posters I saw of what appeared to be same gender families.


I left the cinema in tears because of it. It’s very transmisogynist. I do not advise anyone, especially trans women, to see this film without warning of what’s in it. I’ll explain why below.

TW FOR THE CONTENT BELOW. It contains spoilers and descriptions of transmisogyny.

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Was the character trans? No. Does that mean this kind of shit doesn’t have an impact on transwomen, and their lives? Because it totally still does.

This is gross. This is transmisogynist.

Madam Frou Frou doesn’t do anything transmisogynist. 
How the other characters react to her and treat her - there lies the problem. I can’t believe people are actually arguing that.

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A: What do you write? Fanfiction, original fiction, nonfiction, articles, songs, poems, essays, plays, what?

B: How often do you write?

C: Who is your favorite character of your own? Who is your favorite character created by somebody else? Why?

D: If you had…


i always think “if people want to talk to me they will” which is my reasoning for never really starting conversations so i’m permanently thinking no one wants to talk but what if they’re sat there thinking the same and it’s just this cycle of silence that never gets broken because i’m too stubborn to just put myself out there 

story of my life legit, same with adding people on facebook ahaha

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Lynch appreciates the potential cultural impact of his swimming, along with the few other black swimmers, such as Cullen Jones, the four-time Olympic medalist and the first African-American to break a world record in swimming. “I think it would be cool to break down those barriers. Cullen Jones already got that started, but if I could help bring other minorities into the sport, that would be great,” Lynch says.

Read more: Justin Lynch: Swimming His Way to the Fast Lane | Rising Stars | OZY 

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